Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rah, Rah Russell

I am the Rat's Arse (2012) Kodakotype by Pants

There is something about Russell Brand that just makes me want to drop everything and pen Rasputin - the Musical. What a pity it's already been done. I didn't see the show but, by the scant accounts available, 'sank without trace' would appear to be a compliment.

Check out the scary eyes here and tell me that you don't think the mad monk's moment might have just come hurtling back into contention. A rewrite may well be in order. There are some youtube videos available which I couldn't bear to watch. I noticed that there is a song entitled Murder is Easy. A little too banal for a present-day audience perhaps. Musicals are about fantasy. Murder is mundane. I'm already thinking of how that could be rewritten as a vehicle for RB. Is Mayhem is Easy too obvious?

Oh, and in the tradition of  'I've (literally) bumped into you backstage at one of these celeby thingies for the second time in a decade (because I so engineered it) and that must mean we're meant to be together for at least one Hello cycle, Russell has jiggied his way into the, er, heart of a women who is easily his equal in the incompetent-in-love department - Geri Halliwell.

Sugar'n'Spice and All Things Must Pass (2012) Kodakotype by Pants

So, that should go well...