Sunday, July 08, 2012

Art of Pants

Ferdinand the Bull (2009) Oil and acrylic on canvas, 80 x 100cms

I've started a new blog for my artwork

Here's the first post. It will tell you all you need to know about the painting above. 

I've been intending for months to write something about the Matisse exhibition I went to in Brisbane back in January. I'll get to it in the next week or so, after I finish reading the exhilarating biography, The Unknown Matisse by Hilary Spurling.

Matisse said, 'Freedom is really the impossibility of following the same road as everybody else. Freedom means taking the paths your talents make you take.'

Well, you can count me as an unequivocal 'in' on the first motion - I seem incapable of following the same road as everybody else. On the second, I'm not so sure. What did Matisse mean by 'a talent', exactly? Not following everybody else is easy. Following yourself is hard.

I'll be using the Art of Pants blog to explore that journey.