Friday, July 09, 2010

A kind of blue

Blue ray by Pants

I seem to have a winter malaise. It's very cold where I am in eastern Victoria, although not as cold as in other parts of the country, or even other parts of Victoria. I've lived in colder places, but not without double glazing and gas-fired central heating. I do have a very efficient combustion stove which heats the whole house. I really can't bear multi-climate dwellings. An even temperature is a minimal comfort requirement for me. I'd rather have it uniformly cold than have to wrap myself around a pathetic little heat source with less commitment potential than Lindsay Lohan.

I don't want to waste wood though so I wait until the sun goes down at 5pm to light up. I then I pull all the blinds and build a fire hot enough to forge steel. It works. The heat quickly travels up the flue. After I've stuffed in more logs than Captain Kirk racks up on a typical Enterprise mission, I close off the damper. While the house is toasty warm, I get around and attend to anything that can't be dealt with in 'the office'.

Although it makes perfect sense to stay in bed all morning, which I do, it doesn't quite seem right. Instead of dragging myself out of bed to face the world, I haul the world into bed with me. The laptop is the radio, TV and all the newspapers rolled into one. It's also the mailbox, the phone and, occasionally, the workstation. Unfortunately, I have not yet trained it to make breakfast.

Actually, I've always been a breakfast-in-bed person. There's nothing I love more than to scramble two of our fine Larrikin's End eggs into which I sprinkle a generous pinch of chives and parsley from the garden and a few strips of clearance Tasmanian smoked salmon. I pounce on it when they mark it down as it freezes exceptionally well and you only need a little bit to imagine you live a life of pampered luxury. I decant a full pot of coffee into a thermos flask and crawl into the double-duvet 'office'.

I can't imagine why I thought there was something wrong with me. This seems like a perfectly sensible way to live now that I think about it. It's the blues Jim, but not as we know them...