Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spooky teeth

Open wide by Pants

About half of my bad dreams involve teeth. I'm either being threatened by something with nasty choppers, like a shark or rabid dog, or I dream all my teeth have fallen out.

Several years ago I discovered that I suffer from something called bruxism which means I grind my teeth while I'm asleep. Eventually I succumbed to wearing a mouth guard at night. It is a horrible thing and it has added to my nightmares. I now often dream that I will swallow it.

I don't like waking up in the morning with clenched teeth. I suspect that the mouth guard exacerbates the grinding and clenching but it at least prevents the teeth from being damaged.

The common consensus is that bruxism is the result of 'stress'. But everything that can go wrong with you is supposedly caused by 'stress' these days. Most of it I ignore. External forces will bludgeon their way into your peace of mind no matter what you do. Best to treat them like an elephant in the room. Just stay away from their feet.

Yesterday I determined that I would filter out any idiocy from the outside world. So far I'm doing a pretty good job. I admit twenty-four hours is probably too short a period of time to arrive at a positive evaluation but I think it will get better.

Maybe it will even cure the bruxism. It would be nice not to have to sleep with my mouth in traction.