Monday, June 28, 2010

So you think you can can-can?

Kodaked from youtube by Pants

A French exotic dancer thought it would be a nice tribute to Aboriginal people to strip off on Uluru.

I pay respects to the Anangu people who have been offended by what's happened.

I really don't know why anyone would be shocked that foreigners have no respect for Aboriginal sacred sites. Has anyone looked at the Tourism Australia homepage lately? It features a blonde, Caucasian woman in a white singlet top looking very sexy with Uluru as a backdrop. If you search for information about Uluru on the site, you'll discover,

Uluru / Ayers Rock is Australia's most recognisable natural icon. Standing 348 metres high, the monolith has a great cultural significance for the traditional Aboriginal owners, the Anangu people.

'Great cultural significance' is not exactly a red light if you know what I mean.

Pants is not without sin. I have been in a state of similar undress in any number of countries where I felt my need for a spontaneous swim overwhelmed any requirement to conform with local protocol. I would not have done so, however, if specifically requested not to.

It's time to respect the Anangu people's demand for a total ban on climbing Uluru.