Thursday, June 24, 2010

Julia Seizes Dais

Photo by Mark Tsikas/Reuters

Australia is a funny place. Nothing interesting happens in politics for months and then you wake up one morning and suddenly there's a new Prime Minister installed. And it's a woman. Our first woman Prime Minister. And she actually seems like someone who is not in imminent danger of disappearing up her own behind. What's going on here you may well ask.

But no. It seems real enough. There is a human at the helm. My goodness it's refreshing to see someone there who looks like she genuinely belongs. Kevin Rudd had the appearance of a man on temporary secondment, one who never truly believed he was worthy. Julia Gillard has the confidence of a woman who has had to fight like Boudicca on Benzedrine for every advancement in her career and who knows she deserves to be where she is. And she can verbally string whole sentences together the old-fashioned way - you know with a verb and a subject and an implied full stop at the end. And she confines herself to words that actually exist. That makes a nice change.

She's childless and unmarried. Her live-in (male) partner is a hairdresser. Her hair always looks nice, and normal. She comes from working-class immigrant family. She doesn't wear insane clothes. In fact, she seems notably sane, and normal. It isn't until someone with a natural demeanor comes along that you realise just how mechanical and invented most politicians seem to be.

This is good. It seems correct in an almost karmic way. All she needs to do now is get herself elected. She's not taking any chances. She's refusing to move into the PM's residence until she wins an election. Maybe she's superstitious. God, I hope so. I never trust people who aren't superstitious.

No one seems to know how it all came about. The media was caught off-guard. Kevin Rudd's departure speech was excruciating - clueless and sad. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he's been in the throes of some kind of emotional breakdown. He's been acting like a man who's completely lost it for weeks. It was unbelievably gloomy.

Everyone seems to have quite cheered up, and with good reason. Julia, you go girl!