Friday, April 23, 2010

A dog's breakfast

Breakfast of champions by Pants

Actually, it's my breakfast, or rather was. It is, in fact, Marmite and is featured because a delicious spat has erupted between Unilever, the UK's Marmite manufacturer and the British National Party. After spending most of the morning wading through the ghastly footage of last night's second parliamentary leaders' debate, it was a gift to find some election-based material that at least regenerated my interest in brekkie and, by extension, the will to carry on breathing.

It all started when cheeky Unilever updated its famous 'love it or hate it' marketing strategy casting 'love' and 'hate' as political parties, and, tee hee hee, styling 'hate' on the BNP. The BNP hit back by running a series of election ads featuring a prominently placed jar of Marmite. Does Nick Griffin not realise Marmite is black?

Everyone, including my toast, immediately called their lawyers claiming to have been smeared. The case against me won't be proceeding. Reader, I ate the evidence...