Sunday, March 21, 2010

Return of the Raj

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I Can't Believe It's Not Buddha - Raj Patel
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If you have to have a maitreya, you could do worse than Raj Patel. Handsome, intelligent, politically sound? Gee I'd follow him. How often does a man like that come along? But modest Raj isn't having any of it.

It's quite a predicament really. One day you're a serious academic working towards solving the world's food crisis and the next you're a messiah incarnate caught up in a Pythonesque paradox. They can't believe you're not Buddha.

Raj is taking it all remarkably well given the ribbing he's been getting, even from his own family. His parents apparently arrived from London on a visit wearing He's not the messiah, he's just a very naughty boy T-shirts. And what parent out there could hand-on-heart say they have the moral fortitude to resist delivering their over-achieving progeny a public slap-down? Openings for familial revenge on a global scale are Brigadoon to the power of ten.

I can understand why Raj would hesitate to take control of the GPS to human salvation. Look at what happened to Bruce and Evan and Barack. And he's said he finds the idea of deities a bit distasteful. Well, he would now wouldn't he? Although, ideally if you're going to have to be one, Buddha is definitely the pick of the bunch. And you get the perpetually cheerful Dalai Lama as your offsider.

I'm thinking this could be a golden opportunity for getting the food security message out there Raj. Wouldn't Al Gore just kill for this kind of serendipity? Hey, watch your back there bhayya. But seriously, we're only talking fillet'o'fish on a sesame seed bun for seven billion here. How hard can it be?