Monday, February 08, 2010

Bring me the head of light entertainment

Keystone Cops

Computer problems have stopped the presses this week. The Toshiba has gone in for surgery after collapsing, (exhausted - Sorry Toshie), on Friday afternoon, (i.e. when no help is available for 72 hours). Larrikin's End Municipal Library to the rescue. I was sitting in here browsing the morning papers and came across the sort of wag that instantly restores humour on a dreary Monday morning where the unwanted devouring of non-existent income is imminent.

Even international readers will be familiar with Australia's Gold Coast, famed mecca of tinsel and tat whose epicentre is Surfers Paradise. Turns out it has a police force to match its unparalleled reputation for tawdriness.

As a salve to the anxiety generated by continuous investigation for internal corruption, uniformed police devised a jolly jape to play upon their detective brothers. They dressed up as 'bandits' and staged a 'robbery' on a pharmacy that their colleagues were staking out. To their great surprise, tensions accelerated apace and they found themselves in a guns-drawn face-off.

The detail of their costume has not yet been reported but one can only assume it was not too much of a stretch for Gold Coast police to Stanislavski themselves into the role of drug-crazed pharmacy burglars.

Hopefully, I will have Toshie back tomorrow.