Friday, January 15, 2010

Out on a limb

Limbs may fall by Pants

I foolishly imagined that I was finally taming my wilderness-inclined thinkscape. But now someone is giving my arms and legs permission to act independently, even suicidally. It's all one can do these days to keep a train of thought to timetable. To be concerned about waking in the night to find a limb gone to glory seems a life pressure too far.  Is this risk-management gone mad?

Speaking of pressure, who'd be George Monbiot? One bad British winter and his whole, meticulously constructed climate-change theory freezes in its pipes.  '(Weather) is not the same as climate and single events are not the same as trends. Is this so hard to understand', he pleads. Poor man must think he's been rehoused in Groundhog Circus. Not that bit George, it's the rest of it we're wrestling with. You know the bit where some experts claim the world is going to get hotter, some say it's going to get colder and some think temperatures are going to stay the same? Can you really blame people for being confused? Science we may have but it's the science of forecast, projection and hypothesis rather than the science of empirical proof, the one people prefer to have to hand when making decisions which may affect the future of humankind. It really is a case of my climate-change scientist dad is bigger than your climate-change scientist dad, at least in terms of public information. I've always been a worst-case scenario planner so I'm a believer. 

My friend Mr K is a climate-change sceptic, although this hasn't triggered a profligate squandering of resources on his part, I hasten to add. It is possible to believe in conservation and pass on the Henny Penny thing, especially if you're a bit of a sucker for conspiracy theories involving government. I personally find it difficult to believe that they could ever be so organised. I have worked in the public sector and I can tell you most government departments have difficulty planning end-of-year piss-ups. I think they would struggle with crafting the end of the world.  If it does happen, it will be by accident, I'm fairly sure of that. In lieu of a definitive set of instructions for how not to contribute to the apocalypse, I will adopt a business as usual approach as I never have been wasteful with water or electricity.

Having sorted that, I can go back to concerning myself with why my capacity for reason is stuck in sidings. I've checked my limbs too. They're on tight. I'm good to go...