Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pants a loon

Today I can be totally lazy because my thoughts on thirty things are published on the wonderful


Read, enjoy.



Art by the magnificent Leunig


Quink said...

Very sound views on shopping...

Ms Baroque said...

Excellent, magnificent!

Re Phil Collins, though, I simply can't believe you didn't. That's where principles will get you. Gaad. Youth, eh.

I love your advice to novice bloggers.

Great stuff, TSP!

That's so pants said...

Hi Quinkie

Thanks - seriously I don't get the attraction - although I did succumb to HMV's 3 for £20 DVD offer yesterday so I am not without sin.

Hi Ms B

I think it was more fear than anything else - he was, at that point, a very big star.

Reading the Signs said...

Is that you, Pants, in the altogether with a teapot on your head? Respect.

R.H. said...

Yes well seeing I'm up so late I may as well be controversial:



That's so pants said...

Signs - of course it's me, who else would it be?

RH - NO! I have loved him all my life and I ain't no yuppie.

R.H. said...

Yes, his anguish is reliable. And very touching. I'm sure he gives heaps to charity as well.

That's so pants said...

Now that's more like it.

R.H. said...

ha ha. You devil!

Ms Melancholy said...

I am so taken with the idea of you killing off the leader of the free world with your cooking. Can I come and watch? Please?

That's so pants said...

Hi Ms M

You are always welcome at House of Pants. I was thinking of doing it as a version of 'The Great British Menu' with cyanide soup to start, a rack of spam with an agent orange jus and a Mississippi mud cake made from real mud. That ought to do it.



Bwca said...

Dear TSP -
re PhilCollins: is a drummer actually a musician? ... is a metronome a piano ? nuh. (although the one thing he did with the dark ABBA chick was good) ... and I agree about shopping .. and about Leunig.
Leunig Opinion polarises Melbourne.
Art should provoke and Leunig provokes (and no correspondence with RH will be entered into).

I did enjoy your Normblog Profile.
love and peace from me.

Ms Melancholy said...

I could offer a marvellous Belladonna jus?

That's so pants said...

Ms M - you're on. Can you do a Mrs Overall type turn?

Colin Campbell said...

Can we suggest a few more politicians for your homicide dinner? I laughed at that one.

That's so pants said...

Good evening Colin and welcome - be my guest.

MrZhisou said...

Thanks for the nice things said about my blog, feeling´s mutual.

That's so pants said...

Pleasure Mr Z

Janejill said...

God you are so principled ; what is wrong with me that I go off and do all those awful consumer things... I can still admire you though.

That's so pants said...

Hi Jane Jill - confession to make. You know I've been working - naughty. Even worse - I've bought stuff. Last week I bought these great Miro cushion covers from the Surrealist exhibition. I've never bought cushion covers before. I've always made them. I love sewing. Not that it was shopping. It was more going to a gallery and then passing by something that I wanted to have and could buy. It was more buying, than shopping, you agree, right?

It gets worse. Sorry - I have to do a blog on this so I'm going to stop now. Thanks.

Janejill said...

I thought you were joking about the sewing -clever you. Now.. shopping as opposed to buying... no I don't quite see the difference; but I do hope they are made from organic silk taken from worms who have been able to roam freely and eat healthily? If not, then only unbleached cotton will do... I quite like being sanctimonious; will you do photos? they sound very special. Did you see the photos of my shoes? I am so thrilled with them though I have yet to find a place to wear them ( I will)

That's so pants said...

Hi Jane Jill

Yes. I've just looked at your shoes. They're very beautiful. I have heard that there is such a thing as 'lying down shoes'. I'm not a shoe person, but I bought two pairs of shoes today. I'm blogging about that next. I will take photos of the Miro cushion covers. Thanks - great idea. In fact, I think you've almost written my next blog - I owe you. The Miro cushion covers are from the V&A you know. Doubtful if silk worms were involved (much less paid a decent wage).

SteveEast9 said...

I'm gonna get round to reading the profile - which I'm sure is interesting - after getting over the shock of it appearing on Norm Geras's blog. I'm so fired up at the moment by the 'finklegate' scandal (the denial of tenure to Norman Finklestein by DePaul University, Chicago under the pressure of a 'Jihad' against Norm Finklestein by the nasty, lying, plagiarising, bully-boy rabid zionist Alan Dershowitz. You see Norm Geras takes a whining 'one the one hand...and on the other' attitude to what is a Samson and Goliath issue.
Israel commits, and has for 40 years+ , murder, torture and general nastiness against Palestinians. The US enables them to do that.
Norm Finkelstein has made the arab-israeli conflict, the Holocaust and the like his life's academic work. His mum and dad were sole survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto and Majdanek and Aushwitz concentration camps and various labour camps respectively. Every other single blood relative on either side perished.
So Norm Finkelstein knows there was a Holocaust - yet he is variously called a 'Holocaust Denier', 'Holocaust Minimizer', 'Anti-semite/self-hating Jew'. Of course, this is all because he is not a Zionist (shock horror), doesn't believe that a) the territory that is now Israel was 'unpopulated' when it was created and in 1984 as a graduate student at Princeton blew the whistle on one Joan Peters and her book 'From Time Immemorial'. Well actually, he didn't blow the whistle on what was a total fabrication and hoax until way after it was published in the US and reviewed in every single national newspaper and literary journal to massive whooping acclaim (it justified the 1948 wars and the 1967 war and the occupation of West Bank and Gaza and every other bit of Israeli nastiness to date) because...... no one would even READ the research discoveries of this little working-class smart-ass (how did this little self-hating jew get to Princeton for godness sake they were asking!)and wouldn't even take his calls.
But they made a big mistake and decided to publish it here in little old UK. Now, poor old Norm Finklestein was already in trouble because when they got wind of his efforts in 1984 NO Academics, NOT ONE SINGLE Princeton academic would speak to him and they stopped supervising his Phd. They got 'third-parties' to tell him: 'Shut up, bury that stuff and we'll see you all right.'
Even Noam Chomsky - who Norm approached as someone he thought would be sympathetic - said yes go on with it but you need to know that you must only do this if you understand the consequences: your academic career, if any, will probably be finished; this is going to let out of the bag a lot of nasty stuff; lives may be lost and you will be close to a target for violence and possible death.
Well Norm Finklestein is a very head strong, stroppy, argumentative, self-confident, loud brooklyn born NY loud mouth. So spent the best part of a year sitting in NY Public Library and researched every dot and comma and source of Joan Peters' book and then, finding that no one (bar a tiny Illinois left wing magazine) would print his research showing that the book was a truly MONSTROUS fabrication and hoax, he sent it to every possible British scholar and every quality paper and scholastic journal.They reviewed it as the fabricated worthless crap that it was. In US all hell broke loose and the only journal not to have reviewed it at all (NY Review of Books - because it knew at the start it was a stitch up but wouldn't publish anything before because they were shit scared) - could now get a famous Israeli scholar to review it, tear it to shreds... but not give a single attribution to poor Norm Fink even though they quoted at length from his paper!
He's been a marked man ever since,
only got Princeton to award him his Phd in 1988 having refused to EVER read his thesis and refused EVER SINCE to write ANY letter of introduction or EVER admit in writing that he ever studied there.
As late as 2002 he was working as a part-time social worker with drug addicted teenagers in NYC while living in a one room flat.
Shortly after he got a lowly instructer, then asst professor ship at the Catholic DePaul University in Chicago that caters mainly to the poorer white and ethnic population of students.
He caused massive anger with his book about the 'Holocaust Industry' and how it exploits Jewish suffering and is used to provide a raison d'etre and cover for Israeli policy towards Palestinians.
He has gone further publishing a wealth of rigorously researched literature on Israeli lies and posturing over peace. By this time he had earned the great wrath of Alan Dershowitz who published 'Chutzpha' and then 'The Case for Israel'. Finklestein torn those books apart with his 'Beyond Chutzpha:On the Misuse of Anti-Aemitism and the Abuse of History' and for the first time got a respected publisher (UCLA University Press) to publish it despite Dershowitz even trying to get Schwarzenegger as State Governor to stop it, then privately threathening legal action against UCLA. Dershowitz publicly denied that only for UCLA to publicly say he had - making Dersho look like the slimey little weazel that he is. You see, Finkelstein proves by dissecting 'The Case for Israel' paragraph by paragraph and footnote by footnote that it is a complete fraud; full of fabrications and - worse - lifts massive sections from the discredited Joan Peters book ('From Time Immemorial') from 20 years before and without citing it.
So, coinciding with an application for tenure at DePaul - where Finkelstein has now taught for about 6 years and has anonymously completed post-course student ratings far away better than any other member of the Politics department, and receive the endorsement of such world renowned Middle East and politics scholars as Raul Hilberg, Avi Schlaim and Howard Zinn - Alan Dershowitz is a rabid attack dog with a bit between his teeth and despite 17 out of 24 voting tenured professors supporting him, the Uni President one Father Holtschneider turns his application down (and that of his fellow applicant and supporter Professor Mehrene Larudee even though she got the support of 100% of tenured professors). It's all about money and benefactors and Uni administrators with no guts and the power of the US Zionist lobby.

So why am I blogging about it here?
Because Norm Geras has blogged on it and deserves a right royal firm kick up the ass for his snivelling excuse for a position on it:
The guardian, 'comment is free' is just about to shut down it's own blog 'The Case For Norman Finkelstein'
but its been one of the most blogged ones they've ever had.

Norm Finkelstein has shown himself to be a truly inspirational teacher from the overwhelming student support; academically the guy is shit hot and politically he is music to the ears of many of us here who find the US so damned depressing.
He is the best of Noam Chomsky and Alexander Cockburn et al plus.......and I really am not being shallow here at all because it really is only an aside and wouldn't matter if it wasn;'t the case...he's shit hot as a 53 year old man too with a voice that I am sure would drive many to total distraction. But we'll forget about that bit of fantasy... after all I'm still a 110% fan of Noam Chomsky and I don't fancy anything but his views or brain LOL
But if Finkelstein's a busted flush in the US he is of a calibre that would merit a full Professorship in any UK University and it would be our enormous luck if he brought those Brooklyn tones to a lecture hall somewhere near you and I.

Independent review of Dershowitz v Finkelstein:
A truly inspiring debate between Fink and Shlomo Ben Ami (Israeli Fgn Minister 1999-2001):
full transcript and MP3 audio download

That's so pants said...

Hi Steve - I was going to ask how are you...

SteveEast9 said...

I'm pretty good thanks lee, as well as can be expected in these soon to be post-Blair (but not post-Blairite) days of high-density poor quality private and 'social' housing; under a government of warmongering war-criminals; box-ticking local councils with no-real-power-and messing-up-what-power-they-do-have; of charities and voluntary sector organisations competing-against-each-other-on-cost to provide minimal add-on services; schools-otherwise-known-as-academies that sometimes get run by faith groups or business 'entrepreneurs' who-probably-wanna-teach-creationism (or-intelligent-design); private train refurbishment companies given 30 years of guaranteed profits but still go overspent £1 billion in the first 3 years and 7 years behind schedules and want us to foot the bill; supermarkets that give you pasty white value bread for 21p but sneak 10% 2nd rate Robusta beans in all their branded ground coffee blends that were previously 100% Arabica and still put the price up 25p, then relabel and redesign the packaging for the original blend and roast and call it 'Finest' and charge another 50p on top of the 25p hike or repackage their 'smart price' bacon from 350g to 250g and now say 'Bacon produce of Sweden or Holland or Ireland or UK and may contain smoked or unsmkoed rashers or both' Or stop selling 'TePe' Interdental Tootbrushes and replace them with their own brand that are akin to shoving a 50amp strength twirl of rigid wires in between your delicate teeth and gums that feels like an industrial pipe-cleaner, for a saving of 50p. Other than that, and the additional eye-movement and attention required to keep safe when crossing Mare Street by Woolies in such a way as to avoid a 'brush' with a Ken Livingstone 'The Route Master's here to stay' Bendy Bus, I think life is pretty good.

It's certainly a damn sight safer than being on the streets of Gaza or the West bank in the aftermath of US/EU 'If only you were to practice democracy we would be your true friends.....oh didn't we say? That doesn't actually mean voting for whoever you like know..where would be be if you vote someone in who refuses to categorically recognise the legitimacy of, and freedom to act in whatever shit-faced way it wants artificial state that was created on the basis of ethnic cleansing, murder and torture, and if not we'll just bleed the bastard to death by keeping and freezing the billions of shekels we collect in taxes on its behalf from its tax payers, and wont give you any of the other money either that we promised in recompense to repair the bull-dozed villages and infrastructure that we destroyed in order to make in a 'free and fair' election, the results of which are/were subject to terms and conditions....which you haven't met.....and now you seem driven to civil war between those who believed us about free and fair elections and those (election victors) who never believed it in the first place and that's why they got elected....

The odd knifing or shooting on the streets of any part of London is a piece of cake :)))) (After all, Wetherspoons' Monday Club is so bloody cheap I don't know what everyone's complaining about!)

But I promise, I am going to start a blog soon too - though not I think when I've been kept up most of the night, (by pain from a tooth soon to be root-canalled into oblivion under IV sedation at a NHS clinic so close to West Ham Football Ground that I'll hear the whoops of joy of one side or another at a mid-week league home game and have no recollection of it after....well nor the dulcet afrikaans tone of the very nice SA Dentist as he says open wide) and been consuming Ibuprofen BP - ('Galpham' 2p cheaper than Asda's own brand!) - and gallons of repackaged re-blended espresso coffee, to the point when I feel like I've gone back 15 years and just got back from a night at the 'Fridge' on Wizz!

R.H. said...

This bloke's worse than me.

(I was going to say, I demand equal space)

R.H. said...

Well, I used to be like that, but can't be bothered anymore. Or maybe it's a natural progression, to short comments. I don't know. But I really am grateful to Miss BWACA, and Miss Copperwitch too, for a stage to ham it up on. They're lovely people, really. But of course no one is completely to my satisfaction, and thank goodness for that. I'd hate very many to be like me -what a disaster. Total breakdown.