Thursday, February 08, 2007


I don’t know if I’ll be able to post tonight as the internet has been running slow all day which has made me quite paranoid about worms and cyber-theft and all the other things that normally paralyse me into a state of administrative apoplexy. I’ll write it and if you see it, you know I’ve been able to post it, or at the very least, an impostor has. I’ve upgraded to Firefox 2 and applied all my spyware sweeping tools in the hope that will help. It always makes me feel better to have tried something anyway.

I have not had a particularly productive day. The only thing I have managed to achieve apart from schlepping up the road for some milk and bread and taking this wondrous photo of the view from my writing room window, is to order some new knobs for my hob – hob knobs if you will. Inexplicably, I managed to break three of the four knobs while removing them for cleaning the other night. Let that be a lesson to me I say.

One thing I have learned over the years is that the very minute you put your house on the market, almost everything in it will break down. If you have not received any income for nearly a year, you are especially vulnerable and may come in from your morning walk to find your appliances fighting over whose turn it is to blow up. My intercom has already fizzled out this week, meaning that I will probably miss the delivery of my new hob knobs and spend a morning waiting in a long queue in the Bethnal Green sorting office to retrieve them.

I have written those first three paragraphs waiting for Blogger to respond. I type fast but this is ridiculous. Tum te tum. Oh, something else happened today. I used to be in a band that was so far underground that you need a soil survey before I am even allowed to tell you about it. For some years now, a very lovely American man called Chuck Warner (no relation to the Warners as far as I know) has been re-releasing ‘seminal’ garage music from the late 1970s and early 1980s on his Messthetics compilations and the band that I was in is featured on some of them.

We were vinyl so imagine my surprise when asked to sign a licensing agreement for the music to be released on iTunes. Straight from platter to data! The five minutes of elation at the thought of being unearthed by a new generation of musicologists quickly dissipated when the realisation dawned that I would have to trawl through all the old financial records to establish who paid for what in studio time etc, just in case we get approached by Cap'n Birdseye for the use of one of our very catchy, late and lamented John Peel approved (no kidding here), quirky indy tunes. After four hours I found the fading receipts in a file marked ‘art work’. Also turned up the original manuscript of the illustrated epic poem Cleopatra I wrote in 1992. I gave a copy to my mother for Christmas that year. She has been very nervous about me ever since. I’d been looking for that for at least six years. And here’s me thinking it’s been a wasted day…


R H said...

Selling up? Where are you going?

I've visited Britain, it was a long time ago, but you never forget travels; every detail.

Thanks for the last word before, I didn't deserve it, too many words makes me feel stupid anyway. But thanks.


swimmer6foot4 said...

I'm fascinated! Can you give a hint as to which band?

Likewise, I got a pleasant little surprise cheque from Equity for a tiny TV piece I did (naked and dating back decades) that got repeated on cable TV last year.

Bearing in mind that so many things from our mis-spent youth are meant to come back and haunt us, isn't it nice that the good stuff does too?

Ms Melancholy said...

How bloody exciting is that? But I have read the post a few times and can't find the name of your band. Dont' be shy, Ms Pants - I want to know!

nmj said...

hey pants, i also upgraded to firefox 2 the other day, things had been so sluggish, sadly things aren't much faster now - do you find firefox, all round good guy to be generally slower than that devil Internet Explorer?

That's so pants said...

RH - Queensland, as it happens.

Swimmer - We're on Messthetics 101 - out now. The one I always expected come up and bite is a nude painting done in 1976.

Ms M - see above.

NMJ - the only difference as far as I can see is the muted colours on the the tool bar but then I haven't checked out the custom functions. I has taken me all day to get onto blogger - no idea why.

Ms Melancholy said...

The name of your band, Ms P?? Which band were you in??! As far as I can tell Messthetics 101 is the name of the album...?

Ms Baroque said...

Maybe the band was called Queensland.

That's so pants said...

No Ms B - That would be BANK of Queensland rather than BAND of Queensland. You could always buy the CD - there's picture.

Ms Melancholy said...

Ah, very clever Ms P!

R H said...

So have you got a pommy accent?

Sure to cause a riot in Qld.